Does FedEx Drug Test?

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Does FedEx drug test in 2022? Apparently, yes. Drug testing has become mandatory in FedEx’s hiring process to determine one’s eligibility for employment. The outcome of the drug test determines if the applicant has a chance of getting employed or not.FedEx is a prominent American company that provides services such as transportation, eCommerce, and courier. As part of FedEx drug test policy 2022, the firm drug test their employees to ensure that they’re not under the influence of drugs such as cannabis while executing their duties.


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How does FedEx’s Drug Testing Work?

What do They Test For?

FedEx pre-employment drug screen and post-employment testing serve the purpose of detecting unauthorized usage of medications or narcotics in their employees or potential hires. They test for drugs such as:

  • Marijuana
  • Cocaine
  • Methamphetamine
  • Opioids
  • PCP
  • Alcohol

How It’s Done?

There are several drug screening options that Federal Express (FedEx) can adopt to test their employees. They include:

  1. Saliva test
  2. Blood test
  3. Breath test
  4. Urine test

Though there are multiple drug testing methods, FedEx drug test kits are usually for urine and breath test. However, the company prefers urinalysis because evidence of drug usage has a longer detection period in a urine sample than in one’s breath. Evidence of drug usage can disappear in your breath in a matter of hours. But it can stay for as long as a week in a urine sample. And a FedEx drug test kit can detect it.

  • Saliva Test: Involves the use of a mouth swab to take samples of the employee’s saliva for testing
  • Blood test: A syringe is used to draw blood from the veins, which will be tested for the presence of drug by-products in the circulatory system.
  • Breath test: This tests for the presence of alcohol in your system. The employee will need to breathe into a breathalyzer which will give the readings for your blood alcohol concentration.
  • Urine Test: For this test, the FedEx employee is required to pee into a container, which will be tested for substance usage. FedEx uses a 5-panel urine test. And we’ve found that this is FedEx’s primary testing method.

A lot of Americans wonder, do at home drug test for FedEx exist. But the answer is no – this option isn’t used by Federal Express. All the tests will be done by a professional lab, so you should prepare for the test.

How Long Till The Results of the Drug Screening Comes?

Typically, it will come within a week from the drug test. A negative result to drug usage amounts to employment, while a positive result means instant disqualification. If you’ve already been employed, that means you’ll lose your job.


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When, Why, and Where Does FedEx Drug Test?

FedEx test their employees before hiring them, after hiring them, after promoting them, and after an accident. It’s just part of their drug-free policy. Drug usage impairs or affects individual faculties, which may affect employees’ performance at work. So, FedEx tests its employees to ensure that their performance is as it should be and is not affected by illicit drug use. FedEx carries out the testing process in a separate location, such as a medical lab or a clinic they’re affiliated with.

Do FedEx Drug Test Entry-level Positions?

It depends on the job position, FedEx doesn’t conduct drug screenings on package workers, but they do it on their drivers and package handlers. They do this to ensure that there are no cases of accidents or package manhandling.

What Happens If I Don’t Pass FedEx Drug Test?

This depends. If you’re an applicant, FedEx won’t proceed with your interview and will offer you the job. If you’re an employee, you may be fired or suspended. For job positions such as driver, you may be fired outright. A package handler may be suspended. In some instances, FedEx may suggest you go for therapy.

Kinds of Drug Tests at FedEx

There are four significant types of drug tests that FedEx subjects their current and prospective employees to. They include:

Pre-Employment Testing

This type of test is specifically meant for FedEx’s potential hires. It’s one of the final interview steps to determine the eligibility of an individual for employment. Here, potential recruits are subjected to urine, saliva, blood, or breath tests.

If you pass the FedEx drug test, they’ll most likely hire you. On the other hand, if you fail the test, they won’t hire you. This is an effective way of reducing unnecessary losses due to reduced performance and employees’ absenteeism, as well as expenses on avoidable medical costs. It’s also done to reduce the liability costs an employee may incur regarding compensation or welfare.

Random Testing

FedEx random drug test can happen without prior notice, and it’s specifically meant for the employees. The company may randomly select employees for the drug screen. It happens every 6-8 months or thereabouts. Though companies are supposed to issue a notice to their staff members, specific companies, including FedEx, select employees at random for drug screening.

There are fewer chances of employees cheating to pass a drug test because no one knows for certain when their supervisors will pick them up. Random drug tests are an effective way to discourage employee drug use because anyone can be tested anytime.

Reasonable Suspicion Testing

This mostly occurs if FedEx suspects drug use among its employees or discovers illicit substances on the work premises. The former may be the reason if certain employees behave in a manner similar to one influenced by drug usage. HR managers, supervisors, and managers are trained to detect signs of drug use in employees.

This testing is usually targeted at individuals suspected of drug use and exhibiting multiple symptoms of drug use. There are three categories of indications for drug usage. They include:

Behavioral Indicators

  1. Acting furtively and withdrawing from colleagues
  2. Frequent lateness or absenteeism from work
  3. Debt accumulation (possibly to service their drug-using habit)
  4. Reduced productivity or performance

Physical Indicators

  1. Unusual sweating
  2. Tremors
  3. Blurred speech
  4. Drowsiness
  5. Unkempt appearance
  6. Body odor
  7. Mouth odor
  8. Bloodshot eyes
  9. Being unable to walk steadily
  10. Fidgety movements

Psychological Indicators

  1. Paranoia
  2. Change in attitude
  3. Constantly having moods
  4. Concentration issues

One or a few of the above reasons aren’t enough to suspect an employee of illicit use of drugs. However, when an employee shows several symptoms, it’s enough grounds for reasonable suspicion testing.

Post-Accident Testing

There are two categories: post-accident alcohol test and post-accident drug test. According to the FAA, employers must test an employee for drug usage within three days of the accident. The purpose of this test is to check for the presence of drugs or alcohol in the body and if drug use was a primary or secondary causative factor in the accident.

If the post-accident testing is for alcohol, the maximum time limit is 8 hours. The ideal time window for alcohol testing is 2 hours, and the employer is required by law to state reasons why they couldn’t carry out the test within that time frame. If the employee decides not to administer this test, it should be out of the conviction that the employee’s performance wasn’t a contributing factor to the accident.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Q: How long does FedEx take to hire after interview?

A: The hiring process can take up to two weeks, from the first interview to the background check or drug screening, which are the final phases. The interview itself may take some minutes and a few questions. Within a 2-week period, you should get an email from the HR department.

Q: Does FedEx drug test package handlers?

A: Yes, they do. Package handlers must pass to a FedEx warehouse drug test. The warehouse will be their site of operations, and FedEx can’t have their handlers mixing up orders or packages. So, they mustn’t be under the influence.

Q: What does a 5-panel urine test mean?

A: This is FedEx’s preferred test for potential hires and current employees. This urine test can detect the usage of 5 substances, namely PCP, Cocaine, THC/marijuana, opioids, and methamphetamine.

Q: Does FedEx carry out a hair test?

A: No, they don’t. Very few companies bother with this testing method. The common testing methods include urinalysis, blood tests, and saliva tests. A urine test is the most common, though.

Q: Does FedEx carry out a pre-employment drug screen the same day their applicants were interviewed?

A: No, of course not. The interview may take a while. In fact, not every applicant is subjected to FedE’s drug test because it’s reserved for successful applicants.

Q: Does FedEx carry out background checks on their potential hires?

A: Sure, it’s part of the company policy to run a background check on applicants before hiring them.


At this point, it’s apparent that FedEx has zero tolerance for drug use among its employees. It’s a drug-free company. To enhance your chances of getting employed at FedEx, we suggest abstaining from illicit drug use or detoxifying drug toxins from your system. If an employee is really a drug user, it’s almost certain that such an employee will lose his or her job. Suspension happens when the employer is being lenient or discreet.

FedEx takes employee health, workplace safety, and productivity seriously and encourages its staff to do the same.

If you are interested in not only the testing procedure in FeDex, but also in other large firms such as Amazon, then you can read the Amazon drug test policy. Good luck!