Best Synthetic Urine Kits — Top 5 Products to Pass a Drug Test

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Finding the best synthetic urine kits is crucial to passing the test. Synthetic urine comprises all components that are made to mimic natural urine. The synthetic urine specimen is kept at a specific body temperature between 90°F and 100°F.

Whether you are clearing the test for a legal proceeding or it’s a requirement at your job, a synthetic urine sample can help you. Other synthetic urine uses include medical tests, laboratory use, and experiments. This article will discuss synthetic urine use and the best brands for passing the test.

How to Pass Drug Test with Synthetic Urine

What Is Synthetic Urine Made Of?

Synthetic urine works as a substitute for real urine and has a composition very similar to human urine. The pH of synthetic urine is acidic (4.6 to 8.0) to mimic the real one.  It may be used for medical research purposes and passing drug tests.

The following ingredients are present in synthetic urine products:

  • Water (95%)
  • Urea (2%)
  • Creatine (0.1%)
  • Uric acid (0.03%)
  • Chloride
  • Sodium
  • Potassium sulfate
  • Ammonium
  • Phosphate

How to Choose the Best Synthetic Urine?

The quality and formulation of the synthetic urine will ensure you pass the test. Find out how to pick the best product that is easy and quick to use while serving its purpose.

  • Legality: See what rules your state currently has over fake pee to avoid any legal actions. Check what is synthetic urine used for in your state.
  • Product Shipping: Confirm the product shipping and timely delivery before ordering so the order will reach you on time. Check out stores that sell synthetic urine near me to ensure faster delivery.
  • Ingredient List: The ingredients in the fake urine must mask the real urine. Skip products that may contain additives or are not transparent about the formulation.
  • Check If the Product is Lab-Tested: The test should come with the guarantee that it will pass the lab test considering the accurate formulation. Each ingredient should be in the right quantity to pass the test.
  • A Complete Kit: Check out the product details to ensure you get everything in the kit. It should include a heating pad, a heating powder, a temperature control bottle, and a body belt to carry the sample.
  • Price: Some formulas may be cheaper than others but may not guarantee accuracy. So, choosing a brand that meets both the price and the quality needs is wise. Some powdered synthetic urine products may be more affordable than premixed ones. In addition, you may get a discount when you buy more.
  • Reviews and Testimonials: Look for genuine reviews for fake urine kit for drug test and how the product worked for individuals in the past.

Top 5 Synthetic Urine Products

We’ll discuss the best synthetic urine products trusted by many users. They are easy to use and give great results when you’re wondering how to pass a drug test with synthetic urine.

Urine Simulation with Powdered Urine Kit

The TestClear Urine Simulation comes with a powdered urine kit. The powder form makes it easy to store and travel with as needed. It also has a good shelf life if you must regularly undergo several urine tests for work. This is your solution to how to beat a urine drug test with fake pee.

Best Synthetic Urine Simulation with Powdered Urine Kit

Also, it is a good product to stock up on without fearing the sample will go bad a few days after opening the package. Test Clear is reliable and easy to prepare on the go. Just mix it with water when needed. The package has everything you’ll need, including one vial of powdered urine, a 50 ml plastic medical transport vial with a blue lid, 1 temperature strip, and 2 air-activated heaters.


  • Good shelf life
  • Reliable formulation


  • Mixing process is tricky

Quick Fix Synthetic Urine

Here is another reliable fake urine product that comes in a pre-mixed synthetic form. It is easy to use and does not require any mixing with water. You do not have to prepare it in advance. Moreover, it is affordable compared to other brands and does the job correctly.

Quick Fix Synthetic Urine

The product has 2 ounces of synthetic urine, a heating pad, and a temperature-checking strip. You may heat the sample in a microwave for ten seconds. Another method is to use a heating pad to get the temperature up to 90˚F to 100˚F. This may take 40–50 minutes. The heating pad will keep the urine warm for up to 8 hours.


  • Premixed technology
  • There is no need to make a sample
  • Affordable


  • Slightly inconsistent results

Quick Luck Synthetic Urine Kit

Clear Choice manufactures Quick Luck, a trustworthy synthetic urine sample with a heat activator powder to reach the right temperature. It is different from other powders as it gets ready in 90 seconds. So you don’t have to mix the powder beforehand or keep the sample warm for a long time.

 Best Synthetic Urine Quick Luck Synthetic Urine

The heat activator powder will quickly heat the sample, and you can check the temperature using a thermometer or strips. Just one-third of the sample will work to heat the sample to the desired amount in case you’re in a hurry to get the sample at the testing facility. This is perfect for when you wish to find out how to pass a supervised drug test with fake urine since it mixes up so quickly.


  • It takes 90 seconds to prepare
  • Heat activator powder.


  • High price

Sub Solution Synthetic Urine Kit

Sub Solution comes with synthetic urine with the same specific gravity and pH as real urine. It has 14 different chemicals that combine to form human urine. You can rely on these samples for the right proportions of urea and creatine. This fake pee test kit uses a heat activator powder, which is easy to use on the go.

Sub Solution Synthetic Urine Kit

You do not have to rely on a microwave or a heating pad. Just add water to the Sub Solution powdered till the level line. Use clean water instead of tap water. Once the sample is ready, keep it in a body belt or underwear until the collection time. Before submitting the sample, ensure the temperature is between 90°F and 100°F. You may add the heat activator powder and shake the fake urine. Use the temperature strip to reach the right temperature.


  • pH balanced solution
  • Same odor as natural urine
  • Easy-to-use heat-activated powder


  • High in price


UPass was released by Safeguard Labs and comes with all the required items for making fake pee. It comes in a small box, making it easy to carry around. The packaging consists of a synthetic solution of three oz., two pieces of hand warmers, a rubber band, a plastic bottle (heat resistant), a heating pad, and a temperature strip.

UPass Best Synthetic Urine

Follow the test kit packaging instructions to ensure the solution passes as urine. After taking out the solution from the packaging, heat it for 10–15 seconds in the microwave. Check the temperature to ensure it’s between 94 and 100 ˚F. Use the pocket warmers to maintain the temperature until the sample collection.


  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to use


  • Requires microwaving

Where to Buy Synthetic Urine?

Product Name Formulation Manufacturer Price (may depend on discounts) Where to Buy
Urine Simulation with Powdered Urine Kit Powder form Test Clear $59.95

Quick Fix Synthetic Urine Premixed sample Spectrum Labs $39.95
Quick Luck Synthetic Urine Premixed version Clear Choice $110.00
Sub Solution Synthetic Urine Kit pH balanced Solution Clear Choice $95.00
UPass Synthetic Solution Safeguard Labs $38.95

Tips to Pass a Drug Test Using Synthetic Urine Kit

Here are some tips on how to pass a urine drug test:


The right preparation may ensure that the synthetic urine appears like human urine. It should fulfill all aspects of odor, composition, color, and temperature. The temperature should mimic the human body temperature.

Even a slight variation in degree may cause the sample to fail. Therefore, you may have to practice caution and follow all the steps in the urine kits. Keep the temperature maintained using heat pads or hot water. Do not dilute the formulation or try to alter it in any way.

Right Temperature

The right temperature of the synthetic urine is required to pass the test. Usually, the urine temperature ranges from 98.6 °F (37 °C) to 100 °F. The acceptable range for the lab tests is 90 °F to 100 °F. Many urine kits come with a self-heating formulation with some shaking. Besides, they may come with heating pads and temperature-detecting strips to make sure there is no change in the temperature.

Concealing the Sample

The collection procedure for synthetic urine has to go smoothly to prevent any suspicion of it being fake. It may raise eyebrows if you act nervous or suspicious while hiding the sample. Moreover, if you’re watching while giving the sample, retrieving it from the hidden locations may be hard.

Many concealment techniques may include sandwiching the sample between two layers of underwear. Some people may also use synthetic urine belts to hide and transport the synthetic urine. A body belt and pouch are common ways to hide the sample.

Follow the Test Instructions

If you’re worried can labs detect synthetic urine, follow all the instructions step-by-step, as mentioned in the urine test. Some tests may have immediate heat reactions, and you may mix them when you have to give the sample. On the other hand, some tests may have a powder that needs a specific amount of liquid to mix. Following the right directions will improve your chances of passing the test.

Extra Sample Disposal

Throw away carefully the extra sample leftover from the submission. Don’t get caught with any packaging from the synthetic sample, as there can be potential consequences. Even if they pass the urine sample test, these things may give away the deception. You may choose a place far from the testing facility to dump the extra supplies and samples.

Be Calm

Many professionals are trained to collect the sample and assess your behavior. If you act shady, you may get flagged. So, ensure you stay calm and that your demeanor is not anxious while submitting the sample. You may practice breathing techniques to calm yourself or do meditation before going for the sample submission. Choose good brand test samples so that you can pass the lab test.


At least 17 states in the U.S. have banned the use of synthetic urine, recognizing its dangers. As per the N.Y. State Senate Bill 2023, states, including Oklahoma, Michigan, New Hampshire, Louisiana, Indiana, and Arkansas, have banned the use of synthetic urine.

The laws and regulations over synthetic use are constantly changing. These laws may regulate using, manufacturing, selling, and buying such products to discourage cheating on the urine test. Consult with the authorities and legal experts to learn the updated rules and regulations to ensure you’re not breaking laws or endangering others.

The Synthetic Urine FAQ

Does Synthetic Urine Work? Can Synthetic Urine Be Detected?

Synthetic urine may work to pass basic drug tests, provided it is at the right temperature and has the right formulations. Synthetic urine with creatine and urea levels may work best. Lab tests will assess all aspects of the synthetic urine, such as additives, the presence of natural chemicals, tampering, and pH change. In some sophisticated lab tests, the sample may fail to work.

How to Make Synthetic Urine (DIY)? Is It Possible?

In small quantities, urine contains water, urea, creatinine, uric acid, chloride, sodium, potassium, and other ions. So, perfectly mastering the composition may not be possible. Therefore, DIYing synthetic urine can be a challenging task. To pass the test, you must choose the best synthetic urine brand so that there are fewer hiccups when clearing your test.

Does Walmart or Walgreens Sell Synthetic Urine?

Walmart and Walgreens do not typically carry such urine drug test kit products. Look for synthetic urine in special online stores or shops dedicated to such items.

Is There a Female Synthetic Urine Kit? Is There Unisex Synthetic Urine Available?

All the synthetic urine kits are unisex, so you won’t need a gender-specific test kit. Pick a reputable brand with the right temperature range to pass the test.

Do Synthetic Urine Belts Work?

Synthetic urine belts can work if the test is supervised, and you must conceal the synthetic sample. These belts can help you discreetly carry and deliver the synthetic urine sample.

Does Synthetic Urine Work for LabCorp Urine Tests?

Labcorp performs drug screening using immunoassays. This test detects antibodies in the urine if a person has consumed drugs or other substances. Synthetic urine with the right specific gravity and formulation may pass LabCorp urine tests.


Using synthetic urine may help you pass the test when in need. You may have to take the test for a job, pass a regular work inspection, or pass a drug test. Ensure you choose a reputable brand with good reviews for the sample collection. Stay calm while submitting the sample to the authorities. Follow all the steps to prepare the urine sample, paying special attention to the temperature. Ideally, consult with programs and groups that help combat drug use and addiction over time.

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