~World Mental Health Day Report 1998~

England and Wales

In 1998 the Health Education Authority decided to keep the theme of its 1997 campaign, “Positive Images, Positive Steps.” This campaign had been so successful in 1997 that the Authority felt it was valuable to keep it going. A new focus was added on challenging discrimination and promoting participation and inclusion as key positive steps for mental well-being.

The Health Education Authority has co-ordinated the World Mental Health Day campaign in England, on behalf of the Department of Health, since 1995. It has built up the effort into a major public education event, involving 4,000 organizations and a large variety of activities. The HEA has also created an outstanding range of publications tailored to different age and ethnic groups, including some printed in foreign languages for immigrant communities (Chinese, Vietnamese, Punjabi, Urdu and Bengali). Special material has been designed for children and young people. Resources are provided for local organizers, including factsheets and strategies for multi-agency programs and community participation. Mental health promotion is featured prominently in the publications.

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