~World Mental Health Day Report 1998~


World Mental Health Day had the support of forty-four Canadian cities this year, thanks to a national initiative on mental health led by mayors and civil leaders. A central event for the national campaign was held on 8 October at Markham, Ontario, north of Canada’s largest city, Toronto. This was a day-long conference attended by 300 people which examined the strong links between depression and heart disease as a public health risk, together with contributory factors arising from stress in the workplace. Canada’s First Lady, Mrs. Diana Fowler LeBlanc opened the meeting.

The Markham conference attracted business, medical, research and mental health leaders from across the country. WFMH North American Regional Vice President, Dr. L. Patt Franciosi, was a featured speaker. In addition to WFMH, the event was sponsored by the newly formed Canadian Business and Economic Roundtable on Mental Health, the Canadian Mental Health Association, the Canadian Psychiatric Association, the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario, and the Ontario Psychological Association.

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